Just Brew It

I am obsessed with coffee!

Being an entrepreneur and creating an empire, you need some sort of hustle juice to get you through the day.  That hustle juice has always been coffee!  I hate coffee that tastes stale, has additives or chemicals that are added to make it "taste" fresh, and don't get me started on buying grocery store coffee! Going to an actual coffee shop is always nice, but it's not ideal when you need to work everyday.  Also, how is it that the price of 1 cup of this "amazing" coffee is so high?

One day, during a very crazy time in my life, I sat on my bed and had an idea.  What if I made my own coffee from scratch?
So, I got books, watched videos and learned the importance of roasting my own coffee beans, grinding my own coffee beans and packaging my own coffee!

And that is how Just Brew It Gourmet coffee came about!  Why not be able to have gourmet coffee that you brew yourself in the comfort of your home or office? 

I take pride in all that I do, and coffee is one thing that I take very, very seriously.